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Online Business Account: Custom API integration

At PFS, we’re driven by technological innovation. Our reputation as the provider of truly unique payment services and solutions owes much to our ability to adapt to and cater for the needs of any business. No matter the space in which you operate, our custom API integration is just one way we can help make sure our off-the-shelf online business account works for you.

It’s always important for your business to make the most of its precious time and money. With our custom API capabilities, our prepaid business accounts can plug into any programmes you already use. This integration is seamless, time-saving and stress-free. With it, your business is put in full control of its spending power – from payroll and expenses to direct debits and more.

Real-time API solutions for your business

A key part of our business has been creating a multi-module application programming interface (API) suite for your business. We’re supporting more than 1,900 corporate clients already, with many of them choosing to use our real-time API. It means they can use our business account in tandem with their existing systems and applications – and so can your business.

Our custom API options can support a wide range of functions that are core to the success of a business. This can include UK faster payments, direct debits and current account switching, in addition to prepaid card and e-wallet issuing. With all our solutions built in-house, we can offer and customise an integrated online business account to best suit your exact needs.

How custom API integration works

Custom API integration is designed to help you become more efficient. It does this by bringing together any application, device or data – basically any enterprise system that lets you run all aspects of your business. At PFS, we’ve developed custom APIs to make sure that our prepaid business accounts put you in control, save you money and let you make better use of time.

Our online business account is the secure alternative to card or cash payments. Once you pre-load it with funds, your employees can make payments, cover expenses or withdraw money if needed. While a hosted business account can do this for you, such solutions are detached from your other systems. Custom API integration can bridge this gap, however.

Benefits of using PFS custom API integration

  • Easy and quick to set up: It takes very little effort to get started with your online business account. But integrating our custom API is also quick and easy to do.
  • Manage multiple solutions: From e-wallets to mobile payments and SEPA/faster payments, our custom APIs can support a wide range of financial functions.
  • Single or multi-currency: If you operate exclusively in one market or across multiple ones, our API can support multi-currency payments in GBP, USD, EUR and more.
  • Real-time account management: Our real-time API means you stay up-to-date with your online business account status – including any payments or funds transferred.
  • Flexible legacy compatibility: Our custom API works with a wide range of enterprise apps and systems – seamlessly linking up all your data and devices where required.
  • Safety and security assured: Get peace of mind with your custom API integration thanks to our focus on security when using your online business account anywhere, any time.

Why you can trust our custom API integration

Here at PFS, we’ve invested heavily in custom API development and strongly believe in the need to keep doing so. This means we can continue to offer the most effective online business account solutions – helping start-ups, SMEs and other businesses to become more profitable.

We’re proud that our belief in sharing the benefits of our technological expertise is recognised at home and overseas. Our awards include being named National Winner at the European Business Awards 2019. We were also listed in the inaugural Financial Times Future 100 UK.

This recognition helps us show just what our payment technology services and solutions can do for your business. For more information about opening an online business account or similar business services with PFS and the benefits of custom API integration, please get in touch today.