Merchant Card Payment Services

Merchant Card Services

What are Card Payment Services?

Is it time to think about the card payment services your business is using? In the UK, there are now more payments made by debit or credit cards than with cash. If your business is unable to accept, process and settle card payments from customers, you could be missing out on sales.

Our card payment services can provide you with a fully customisable, yet cost-effective solution that meets your business needs. Whether it is a new way to pay or something to work with your existing methods, our card services let you accept card payments in person, online or by phone.

PFS provides card payment services to businesses who want to give their customers the chance to pay with the debit or credit card of their choice. Using our own in-house technology, we have the capacity to tailor our card services to your unique requirements.

Why do I need Card Payment Services?

Our card payment services are essential for businesses that want to enhance the experience of their customers. Even if you have payment methods in place already, our bespoke solutions are designed to help maximise client satisfaction and business performance in one complete offer.

PFS card services are particularly beneficial to businesses wanting to accept payments over the phone or through a website – not least if you sell in high quantities. Our proprietary technology means that we also offer merchant accounts, e-wallet platforms or mobile payment gateways.

How do Card Payment Services work?

PFS specialises in offering high quality card payment services and platforms that can be used as part of an end-to-end solution or as separate elements to work with your existing systems.

By adapting our in-house technology assets to suit your unique requirements, we offer payment gateways for accepting cards online or by phone. When a customer uses their card to pay for an item or service, our card services connect to the issuer to process and complete the transaction.

PFS can do this as the merchant account provider or by connecting with a third-party provider – and then transferring the amount from the issuer to your chosen bank account, e-wallet or your merchant account. Our flexible and innovative card payment services make getting paid easier.

Why choose our Card Payment Services?

  • Increase customer convenience: Offer your customers the convenience of paying with the debit or credit card of their choice: Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  • Grow your revenue: Opening your business up to card payments means you will not lose out on lucrative revenue-generating opportunities
  • Seamless integration: Our white-label card services can provide you with solutions bespoke to your business, whether it is part of an end-to-end system or as a separate element to work alongside existing systems
  • Proprietary technology: Our technology is built in-house, which ensures our assets can be adapted to suit your exact business requirements.
  • Full risk management: Our card payment services protect against fraud with trusted and market-leading techniques (3D-Secure authentication, Card Verification Value etc.)
  • Real-time reporting: Manage your payment performance with practical analytics and reporting tools designed to help you realise the potential of our card payment services