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Case Studies

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Camden Council

Camden 'Coo-l' Project Prepaid Mastercard Solution for a Local Authority

Actively Encouraging the Positive Leisure Activities of Disadvantaged Young People in an Inner-London Borough

Camden Council is the Local Authority responsible for the London Borough of Camden, which forms part of inner London. The Council’s vision is to create a borough of opportunity; where individuals and communities fulfil their own potential, both in their economic and social life.

Camdem Council

Camden Council wanted a partner to devise a payments programme that would actively encourage ‘positive leisure activities and pastimes that are not always accessible to young people in the Borough, often due to financial and societal constraints. The product was to be aimed at young people who are eligible for free school meals in school years 9-11 and also young people in care or who have learning disabilities and difficulties.

PFS worked hand in hand with Camden Council to devise and execute a prepaid Mastercard programme where funds could be loaded easily and quickly to the card by the council. ATM withdrawals were blocked, and spend was restricted to only certain merchants such as leisure centres, dance schools, swimming pools and cinemas. For the programme, PFS implemented custom-built methodology for card delivery, distribution, activation and loading. PFS have supported Camden Council in improving the offering which included the roll out of the capacity to manage the card using SMS as well.

By creating a financial product that could be issued to youngsters in the Borough, the project aimed to empower young people to take control of their finances while providing them access to facilities that may go on to change a life or provide youngsters with an outlet for their enthusiasm.

The feedback on this project was overwhelmingly positive, with participants using the range of services available, extensively, and often. Camden Council in conjunction with PFS have since rolling out a number of payment disbursement services to a wider age group, with cards and services being offered to parents, guardians as well as young people.

Other Governement & Public Sector Clients

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Contactless Cards and Mobile Stickers (Instant Issue)
NLB - Slovenian Bank

Complementing an existing debit and credit portfolio with an innovative prepaid contactless solution

NLB is Slovenia’s largest commercial bank and currently provides bank accounts to over 60% of the country. NLB is part of NLB Group, whose strategic objective is to maintain its leading market share of traditional banking products and complementary banking services, in particular life insurance and asset management.

Bank Image

NLB wanted to launch an instant issue contactless prepaid card to compliment their existing credit and debit card products. This product was to appeal specifically to their millennial and corporate customers.

At the end of 2015, PFS delivered two products for NLB. The first being a contactless prepaid Mastercard card and the second being a contactless prepaid card with accompanying contactless sticker. The sticker can be adhered to the back of a mobile device and is perfect for low value transactions. The sticker and card share the same balance. The product is available to anyone above the age of 18 in Slovenia and can be activated by SMS. The cards and sticker pack and can be purchased and loaded at any NLB branch.

With this solution, PFS has enabled NLB to expand its product offering to its customers very quickly by utilising PFS’s back office solution and agile technology platform.

3,000 customers signed up for the product within first few months of the launch of the card. The key to its success lies in its convenience and ease of use - the card is simple to acquire, to load and ideal for every use as it has very low fees.

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Cloud Payments

Leading Irish online payment provider, Cloud Payments, wanted to provide debit cards and IBAN Current Accounts in order to advance their payment solutions offering.

Cloud Payments Case Studies

In November 2016, Cloud Payments launched their IBAN solution to become the first Irish non-bank provider to offer an IBAN Current Account service to customers.

This solution means that customers are able to benefit from a new service offering, which included an EUR International Bank Account Number Current Account with Mastercard functionality. This enabled customers to automate payments, including standing orders and SEPA Credit/Debit Transfers throughout Europe.

Cloud Payments and its partners can now offer a total range of payment services. These include acquiring for e-commerce merchants, issuing of prepaid cards and an IBAN banking product in GBP and Euro across 19 countries.

This latest innovation further cements Cloud Payments’s position as one of Ireland’s fastest growing FinTech payment providers.

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Centtrip - Consumer and Corporate
Multi-currency Travel Cards

The Ultimate Travel Companion - 14 Currencies on 1 card with spread-free foreign currency at live market rates

Centtrip was established in 2013 by co-founders of one of UK and Europe’s most successful corporate independent foreign exchange brokers with a track record for challenging convention. The Centtrip approach is underpinned by personal experience and success within global currency markets.

Cardholder Card

The ethos of their Centtrip’s business has always been to strive for meaningful change, to provide better value in monetary terms, give greater control and to be more lifestyle relevant to their discerning customer base. To reflect this, Centtrip’s founders wanted to create a multi-currency product that was secure and fair - with more transparent rates, fees and services.

PFS was chosen to issue and programme manage the Centtrip prepaid multi-currency card. At the end of 2013, the product was pre-launched with a full scale operational launch in October 2014, making Centtrip one of the first true multi-currency products to enter the market. Provisioned on the PFS multi-currency platform, cardholders can move funds from one wallet to another and Centtrip are able to set the FX rates at which these transactions take place. A fully branded card-holder web portal and Smartphone app enables cardholders to easily load and manage their accounts while on to go.

With genuinely transparent and fair fees, market beating 0% currency rates, a multi-currency card free to use worldwide, a secure multi-currency account (with 14 currencies) free of conventional bank charges and award winning online and mobile technology permitting direct access and control 24/7 worldwide – Centtrip has become the essential travel companion – it truly liberates the customer and their currency. To date there are thousands of cards in issue to clients that include international music artists, high profile international celebrities and business owners as well as co-brand programmes with global brands.

Cardholder Portal

Blueline Taxis Logo

Blueline Taxis - UK
Prepaid Payroll Cards

Improving Business Efficiency and Streamlining Payout Processes with a White Label Prepaid Payroll Solutions

Blueline Taxis is one of the North East of England’s largest and most established minicab firms. Starting with one cab in 1958, Blueline Taxis now transports over 250,000 passengers a week and employs over 600 drivers all over the region. As an employer, Blueline has show continued commitment to providing it’s drivers with extra employee benefits such as financial services, insurance and dedicated training at it’s purpose-built training academy.

Cardholder Card

In 2011 Blueline Taxis wanted a more efficient method of paying wages to its cab drivers. The system at the time was a manual process of paying cash to drivers via a payslip and envelope which was occupying 4 members of staff at least 2 whole days per week.

PFS was chosen to provide a bespoke prepaid payroll solution for Blueline Taxis. After consulting closely with the client, PFS designed and delivered a white label, prepaid Mastercard card programme, where funds could be easily loaded in batch via the PFS card management system by the client, and wages could be made instantly available to drivers on their Blueline prepaid Mastercard cards.

The Blueline payroll programme was an instant success. The new system immediately reduced the administration time of running and fulfilling payroll duties and provided greater control and oversight of the entire payroll function. Furthermore, the ability of being able to pay out value on a bath basis after running the payroll file streamlined operations and reduced cash handling for the client. This in turn brought about other efficiencies in the business.

The cab drivers also experienced immediate benefits, including the faster payment of their wages on to the card, therefore eliminating the time they use to spend queuing for their payslips. Overall, this has helped to improve the relationship between the employer and employee and increased the driver’s loyalty to Blueline.

3 Money Logo

Three Mobile - Ireland
3Money Prepaid Mastercard

A Physical Contactless and Virtual Payments Solution for one of Ireland’s biggest Mobile Network Providers

Three has to date invested almost €2 billion in building its Irish business and in July 2014, completed a deal to purchase O2 in Ireland. Three is now Ireland’s second largest mobile operator with 35% market share and two million customers (as of September 2015).

Cardholder Card

In 2014, PFS won a tender to provide Three Ireland with a white label prepaid payments solution for its customer base. A significant part of the project was to migrate all cardholders from the existing O2 Money card programme held with another Issuer, to a new ‘3Money’ prepaid product.

PFS created and implemented a contactless prepaid Mastercard card product which is available in store from Three Mobile location or from the 3Money website. Cardholders have the option of selecting an online only, virtual card or physical card. The card can be loaded with cash, prepaid vouchers, debit card or bank transfer and customers can set-up savings wallets to save for special occasions. Once activated, cards can be managed through the 3Money branded iPhone and Android apps.

At the end of 2015, PFS successfully migrated circa 70k customers from the O2 money card to 3Money. The launch has been very well received, both with customers and internal business units within Three.
With the product, Three has been able to extend it’s product offering into the realm of financial services. This has helped to reinforce the overall brand affinity with customers by creating an environment where the Three brand visible within their wallets.

3Money is currently the only contactless prepaid card available in Ireland.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

3 Money Logo

The IFRC, together with the Hellenic Red Cross needed a method of distributing humanitarian aid to people of concern that was reliable, and allowed complete transparency of fund allocation.

Cardholder Card

PFS rolled out a cash transfer programme to provide a discrete way of delivering aid to refugees and migrants in camps in Greece.

The solution also provided aid to vulnerable households in Greece to help cover heating expenses and electricity bills during the winter months.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, together with PFS, developed a solution which enabled the successful deployment of aid as part of a cash transfer programme.

This programme provided a cost-efficient means of fund delivery via a user friendly online platform enabling help desk administrators to load funds, check balances, and block/unblock cards.

The solution provided assistance to more than 6,000 refugees and migrants over a 6 month period from October 2016 to April 2017.

In this video created by Mastercard, prepare to hold your breath as Howaida, a Syrian mother in Greece awaits approval on her first transaction on a Prepaid Card watched intently by her 3 children. Feel the emotion running through the video... Priceless.