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Blueline Taxis - UK - Prepaid Payroll Cards. Improving business efficiency and streamlining payout processes with a white label prepaid payroll solution, Blueline Taxis is one of the North East of England’s largest and most established minicab firms. Starting with one cab in 1958, Blueline Taxis now transports over 250,000 passengers a week and employs over 600 drivers all over the region. As an employer, Blueline has shown continued commitment to providing its drivers with extra employee benefits such as financial services, insurance and dedicated training at its purpose-built training academy.


In 2011 Blueline Taxis wanted a more efficient method of paying wages to its cab drivers. The system at the time was a manual process of paying cash to drivers via a payslip and envelope which was occupying 4 members of staff at least 2 whole days per week.


Cardholder Card

PFS was chosen to provide a bespoke prepaid payroll solution for Blueline Taxis. After consulting closely with the client, PFS designed and delivered a white label, prepaid Mastercard card programme, where funds could be easily loaded in batch via the PFS card management system by the client, and wages could be made instantly available to drivers on their Blueline prepaid Mastercard cards.


The Blueline payroll programme was an instant success. The new system immediately reduced the administration time of running and fulfilling payroll duties and provided greater control and oversight of the entire payroll function. Furthermore, the ability of being able to pay out value on a batch basis after running the payroll file streamlined operations and reduced cash handling for the client. This in turn brought about other efficiencies in the business.

The cab drivers also experienced immediate benefits, including the faster payment of their wages on to the card, therefore eliminating the time they use to spend queuing for their payslips. Overall, this has helped to improve the relationship between the employer and employee and increased the driver’s loyalty to Blueline.