Financial Institution Case Study




Contactless Cards and Mobile Stickers (Instant Issue) for NLB - a Slovenian Bank. Complementing an existing debit and credit portfolio with an innovative prepaid contactless solution NLB is Slovenia’s largest commercial bank and currently provides bank accounts to over 60% of the country. NLB is part of NLB Group, whose strategic objective is to maintain its leading market share of traditional banking products and complementary banking services, in particular life insurance and asset management.


NLB wanted to launch an instant issue contactless prepaid card to complement their existing credit and debit card products. This product was to appeal specifically to their millennial and corporate customers.

Cardholder Card


At the end of 2015, PFS delivered two products for NLB. The first being a contactless prepaid Mastercard card and the second being a contactless prepaid card with accompanying contactless sticker. The sticker can be adhered to the back of a mobile device and is perfect for low value transactions. Both the sticker and card share the same balance. The product is available to anyone above the age of 18 in Slovenia and can be activated by SMS. The cards and sticker pack and can be purchased and loaded at any NLB branch.


With this solution, PFS has enabled NLB to expand its product offering to its customers very quickly by utilising PFS’s back office solution and agile technology platform.
3,000 customers signed up for the product within first few months of the launch of the card. The key to its success lies in its convenience and ease of use - the card is simple to acquire, to load and ideal for every use as it has very low fees.

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Cloud Payments - Leading Irish online payment provider, Cloud Payments, wanted to provide debit cards and IBAN Current Accounts in order to advance their payment solutions offering.


In November 2016, Cloud Payments launched their IBAN solution to become the first Irish non-bank provider to offer an IBAN Current Account service to customers.

This solution means that customers can benefit from a new service offering, which included an EUR International Bank Account Number Current Account with Mastercard functionality. This enabled customers to automate payments, including standing orders and SEPA Credit/Debit Transfers throughout Europe.


Cloud Payments and its partners can now offer a total range of payment services. These include acquiring for e-commerce merchants, issuing of prepaid cards and an IBAN banking product in GBP and Euro across 19 countries.
This latest innovation further cements Cloud Payments’ position as one of Ireland’s fastest growing FinTech payment providers.