Fitbit Pay

A New Way to Pay at Your Favourite Places.

Fitbit Pay is an easy way to make purchases on the go, right from your wrist. Now you can work out without your phone or wallet and still shop at your favorite stores. Fitbit Pay works at any store that accepts contactless payments. Plus, your card details are never shared with retailers or with Fitbit so your information stays private.

How to set up your PFS Prepaid Card with Fitbit Pay:

Fitbit Pay Step 1
Fitbit Pay Step 2
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Benefits of Fitbit Pay:

  • CONVENIENT From buying water after workouts to grabbing coffee mid-commute, Fitbit Pay is the most convenient way to pay—right from your wrist, no phone or wallet necessary.
  • EASY TO USE With Fitbit Pay, there’s no need for your credit card or phone, simply hold your Fitbit watch by a contactless payment terminal and authorize your purchase.
  • PRIVATE Fitbit Pay uses industry-standard tokenization to help keep each transaction private. Plus, your card number is never stored by Fitbit, so you can pay without worry.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY For your safety, every Fitbit Pay transaction is covered by your bank’s fraud protection and your PIN code is required before making purchases.
  • FOUND AT POPULAR RETAILERS Whether you’re stocking up on groceries or adding to your sneaker collection, you can use Fitbit Pay at the millions of popular retail locations that accept contactless payments.
  • PERFECT FOR WORKOUTS With Fitbit Pay, there’s no need to carry your phone or wallet during workouts. You can pay for water, snacks and more right from your watch or tracker.
 Fitbit Pay Watches

Why Choose Fitbit Pay?

  • You can conveniently make purchases on the go without a wallet or smartphone.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones for setup. Once a card is loaded and activated, you can leave your phone at home.
  • Fitbit uses industry-standard tokenization to help keep your info private.
  • Fitbit never stores your card number or shares it with merchants.
  • You can shop confidently with the fraud protection provided by your credit and debit card.
  • Your private information is never shared with retailers or Fitbit.
  • It works at millions of retail locations worldwide—anywhere that accepts contactless payments.
  • You can add up to 6 credit or debit cards to your wallet in the Fitbit.


  • Where can I use Fitbit Pay?

    Use Fitbit Pay to purchase items in any store that accepts contactless payments. To determine if the store accepts Fitbit Pay, look for the symbol below on the payment terminal:
    Contactless Icon

  • Where can I see a list of transactions made with Fitbit Pay?

    See your 3 most recent transactions made with Fitbit Pay in the Wallet section of the Fitbit app, or review all of  our Fitbit Pay transactions on your bank or credit card statements. To see your recent transactions in the Fitbit  app:

    1. On Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon (Fitbit Account Icon ).
    2. Tap or click your watch or tracker tile.
    3. Tap or click the Wallet tile.
    4. Find the card stored on your watch or tracker and then scroll down to see your 3 most recent transactions.
  • Can I use Fitbit Pay internationally?

    You can use Fitbit Pay when traveling internationally at stores that accept contactless payments. Note that foreign transaction fees may apply to purchases made internationally depending on your bank’s policy.

  • Do I need to have my phone nearby to use Fitbit Pay?

    You don’t need to have your phone nearby to use Fitbit Pay. After you set up Fitbit Pay, you can make payments from your watch or tracker and leave your phone at home.

  • Is Fitbit Pay secure?

    Fitbit Pay includes many security features. Fitbit Pay uses an industry-standard tokenization platform to ensure your card information is never revealed or shared with merchants or with Fitbit. Fitbit Pay also requires you to use a PIN code for an added layer of protection. For more information on Fitbit’s privacy and security policies, see

Fitbit - T&C