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“PFS is the perfect place to gain experience in every department, you will have the opportunity to work on major projects and gain a real understanding of where you want your career to go.”

Chloe – KYC Agent

Maynooth University

BBS Business and Management

Why did you choose PFS?
From following PFS on LinkedIn, I believed it would be the perfect place for an Internship as they are a very successful local company.

Would you recommend working here to a friend?
Yes, you gain so much experience across different areas in a short period of time. You also get the opportunity to learn off top management directly, which is something you don’t have access to in many graduate positions.

Do you see a future at PFS?
Completely! I have come so far in such a short period of time. I started as an Intern, stayed on as a part-time student and am now in a graduate role.


“Working in PFS has allowed me to develop the skills I’ve gained from college as well as learn new skills and gain invaluable first-hand experience in the field of Marketing. Being able to work on big projects both national and international has been a fantastic experience.”

Mark – Marketing Executive

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown

BA Creative Digital Media

How did you start with PFS?
My college course required 12 weeks work experience which PFS could accommodate. After my work experience concluded, I was offered a full-time permanent role, which I hadn’t expected.

Would you recommend working here to a friend?
100%, with so many departments and opportunities within PFS I have been able to suggest positions to my friends from a lot of different fields.

Do you see a future at PFS?
Yes, there are always new opportunities to gain experience within each department here at PFS. For the moment, I am happy working with the marketing team as there is always something new and exciting to work on.


“You could say PFS is my first “proper” job on my career ladder, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Being part of such an innovative, fast-paced, rapidly growing company, with friendly and enthusiastic staff makes me eager to progress further with PFS.”

Padraic - KYC Analyst

Dundalk Institute of Technology

BA Business Studies

Why did you choose PFS?
After discovering there was a vacancy within the company, I began researching the business; what it does, its values, and how my current qualifications/skills could match the role that was available. I quickly realised that this was the firm that could help me grow as a person, and as a professional.

Would you recommend working here to a friend?
I already have! A friend of mine has just completed his degree, and I’ve made it known to him that PFS is the best place to start his career and develop his skillset. I’ve also recently forwarded his CV directly to the HR department, as I’ve enjoyed my time here so much.

Do you see a future at PFS?
I most definitely see a future for myself at PFS. The opportunities that come with being involved with one of the most rapid growing issuers of prepaid cards in Europe is extremely exciting.


“I genuinely am happy going to work every morning as I am doing work that I really want to do and something really meaningful.”

Cormac - Compliance Analyst

Dublin City University (DCU)

BA Economics, Politics and Law
Professional Certificate in Compliance (UCD)

Why did you choose PFS?
I chose Prepaid Financial Services as it was a local FinTech company which offered the opportunity to work in Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance. It is rare for a recent graduate to get an opportunity to work in both areas of finance and I was delighted to be able to apply and be hired to such a role. It is the perfect role for me as I have aspired to work in both fields for a long time.

Do you enjoy working here?
I really enjoy working here. The work is challenging but really interesting and rewarding. PFS has given me the autonomy to carry out in depth Anti-Money Laundering investigations and work on compliance documents which help govern the company’s policies and procedures. Everyone here is really friendly and always up for a chat too which really makes it a great place to work.

Do you see a future at PFS?
I really do see a future with PFS as I believe there are lots of opportunities to develop my skills and career. There are real opportunities and exposure to lots of different areas of compliance and AML which will help build my skills and career further.