Prepaid Travel Money Cards

Pre-Loaded Multi-Currency Travel Cards

Prepaid Travel Cards: up to 15 currencies on one card

Getting a Prepaid Travel Card the next time you go abroad could save you money. Like conventional credit or debit cards, you can use pre-loaded travel cards to pay for meals or withdraw cash from an ATM. But with no overdraft or credit facility linked to them, you can not spend more than the amount on the card.

Euros, pounds or US dollars – for the world’s most popular tourist and commercial locations, a Prepaid Travel Card from PFS offers a great way to manage your spending abroad. PFS’s travel money cards can be used wherever you see the Visa or Mastercard logo, which means they can be used around the world with confidence – never leaving you short when you need it.

Why do I need a Prepaid Travel Card?

One of the major benefits of using a PFS prepaid travel card when you next go overseas is the amount it could save you. Pre-loading your card lets you take advantage of our multi-currency solutions, which could mean you can benefit from better foreign exchange rates. In addition, a lack of credit facility or overdraft means you will not pay fees or interest on what you spend.

A prepaid travel card also eliminates the need to carry around lots of cash, which can be lost or stolen easier than you think. If you misplace your card, cancel it and your money is safe.

For anyone who travels on a regular basis to a number of different countries, a pre-loaded travel card can store up to 15 currencies at a time. This can save valuable time converting and re-converting funds from one currency to the next. It is especially useful if you are in transit, but do not want to withdraw cash in a currency that you will not be using for a long period.

How do Prepaid Travel Cards work?

To benefit from a PFS Prepaid Travel Card, first you will need to apply for a card. Once approved, you will get access to a secure online account where you can see and top up your balance. Your card will be sent to you in the post, along with your PIN and instructions on how to activate it.

As soon your card has been activated, it is ready to use.

You can use your Prepaid Travel Money Card anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard: on holidays or in shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. Tap and go with contactless or enter your PIN on a card terminal to make your payment, just like a typical bank card. You can also use it at an ATM.

To top up your card once it runs out, simply log back into your online account.

A prepaid travel card debits the amount you spend from the local currency wallet – rather than debiting your bank account or credit facility to the value of your purchase, and then converting it into your base currency. So, you will actually be paying in US dollars when you spend them.

Why choose PFS for your Prepaid Travel Card?

  • Excellent foreign exchange (FX) rates: Thanks to our ability to pair our Prepaid Travel Card with our multi-currency solutions, PFS can offer excellent foreign exchange rates.
  • Global acceptance: Use our Prepaid Travel Card in millions of places around the world, wherever you see the Mastercard or Visa logo.
  • Secure online accounts: Check your balance and top up your card 24/7 via our secure online cardholder accounts, which means help is on hand when you need it too.
  • No high fees or charges: Not being linked to an overdraft or credit facility means you will not pay any interest on what you spend. There are no overseas usage fees either.
  • Easy to use and re-use: Run out of cash on your pre-loaded travel card? Top up via SMS, bank transfer or using a debit card through our secure online account.
  • Financial inclusion: Our Prepaid Travel Card is not just for people with good credit scores. With no credit check required, people with all credit histories are welcome to apply.