Prepaid Card Abroad

Multi-Currency Prepaid Cards To Use Abroad

Prepaid Cards to use abroad: Flexible Foreign Currency

Using a prepaid card abroad is becoming a more popular and convenient way to pay for things when on holiday or travelling overseas on business. Unlike a standard debit or credit card, you can use a prepaid card in the native currency – and not have to worry about conversion fees.

Prepaid cards to use abroad don’t have a credit facility or bank account linked to them. By pre-loading cash onto them like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, you can only spend up to the amount on the card. And if it’s lost or stolen, your money will be protected.

With our multi-currency cards, you get one card linked to multiple currency wallets. When you pay for something abroad, the amount will be debited in the relevant currency. And with up to 15 currencies available, you’ll be able to use our prepaid card abroad in multiple countries.

Why do I need Prepaid Card Abroad?

For anyone travelling overseas on holiday or for business, using your regular UK credit or debit card can incur expensive fees. From cash withdrawal charges to foreign transaction fees, these can soon add up and make being abroad much more expensive.

You also don’t have to carry a load of foreign currency around in your purse/wallet when using a prepaid card abroad. Notes and coins can easily be a burden to travel with and can easily go missing too. Our prepaid cards to use abroad are a safer, convenient alternative.


How do Prepaid Cards to Use Abroad work?

To use a prepaid card abroad, you first need to apply for one. Once your card arrives, you then load cash onto it up to the total amount you want to spend. This can be done in several ways – by cash at any UK Payzone locations, with a debit card online, a bank transfer or even via SMS.

With the money loaded onto your card, you’re then ready to go. Every time you use it overseas, an amount will be debited in the local currency thanks to our multi-currency card solution. Once you spend what’s on the card, you can always top up again if you need to access more cash.

Why choose our Prepaid Cards to use abroad?

  • Great foreign exchange rates: PFS’ multi-currency solutions mean you can buy and spend money in up to 15 major currencies without expensive transaction fees.
  • No credit check: You won’t have to pass a credit check when applying for our prepaid cards to use abroad, which means they’re available to more people.
  • Global acceptance: Use your prepaid card abroad wherever you see a Mastercard logo for maximum ease and convenience.
  • Safe and secure: Your prepaid card isn’t linked to a credit facility or bank account, so you won’t have to worry about any security risks if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Easy to top up: Run out of money on your card when abroad? Simply top up via SMS, bank transfer or using a debit card via our secure online account.