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Online Prepaid Card

Online Prepaid Card: Fast, Secure Payments

Our virtual prepaid card is a great way to pay for your online shopping. One of the benefits of applying for one of our virtual prepaid cards is that it will not take up more space in your wallet or purse. Nor can you lose an online prepaid card. You can use it to buy almost anything from websites that accept Mastercard. It is a versatile product for fast, secure online payments.

Once you are approved for our online prepaid card, it is sent to your email inbox instantly. Ready to use. Simply load cash onto the reloadable card and you can then shop online without the need for a debit/credit card linked to a bank account. It makes buying things online more secure, as well as providing you with absolute control over your spending.

Virtual Prepaid Cards: Why Should I Apply?

Our online prepaid Mastercard makes perfect sense for security-conscious shoppers looking for extra peace of mind when buying online. The card cannot be lost or stolen, and it cannot be linked to a bank account or credit facility – minimising the security risk to the cardholder.

For shoppers on a budget, a prepaid card can prove an effective way of controlling your online spending. You cannot spend more than the amount loaded onto a card. Our virtual prepaid card can also be used by corporate customers to offer incentives or rewards to customers.

Benefits of our Virtual Prepaid Mastercard:

  • No Credit Check: The chance of being accepted is not dependent on a credit check, making our Online Prepaid Mastercard available to more people.
  • Secure Purchases: A prepaid card is not linked to a bank account or credit facility, which means you can shop online with confidence.
  • Global Acceptance: Our virtual prepaid debit cards can be used to shop online at any retailer that accepts Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards.
  • Great Foreign Exchange Rates: Our multi-currency solutions let you buy in a number of currencies without expensive conversion fees.
  • Simple and Convenient: Once approved, your virtual prepaid Mastercard is sent direct to your email ready to use with a secure online account and is available 24/7.

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