Corporate Debit Card

Prepaid Financial Services works with a wide range of industries.


Save money and gain visibility over spending with corporate cards

With benefits for both employee and employer, corporate disbursements via prepaid cards have flourished in recent years. PFS offers corporate entities payment solutions in areas such as payroll and employee expenses.


Payroll cards are increasingly being used as an alternative to cash or cheques. The system works by issuing employees with a payroll card linked to an account into which the employer deposits the employee salary.

Payments can be made to employees in real-time, with audit trails available on spending. Employees then use the prepaid card as they would a standard bank debit or credit card.


Prepaid cards enable employers to closely monitor business expense payments through a real-time online interface.

The business owner can monitor all cardholder purchases, eliminating the possibility of fraud as well as significantly reducing the amount of time spent by accounts staff checking the accuracy of expense claims.

Fuel cards

Prepaid fuel cards can be used at forecourts, for fuel and associated travel expenses, without the need to enrol in costly and cumbersome private label fuel card programs.

Spend on our cards can be restricted to fuel only because our programmes can block or unblock merchant spend on a card to card basis. The employer can also load the cards in real-time, on a scheduled or ad hoc basis, allowing better control of costs.