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The Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) card programme administration portal provides customer service representatives and programme administrators with a comprehensive suite of functions and reports. Customer service representatives can easily navigate through the information required to service any cardholder query or request relating to their mobile payment data.

Here at PFS, we aim to deliver the ultimate in payment processing technologies because we are fully aware of how important it is for your business to keep track of the transactions on our prepaid cards. In the increasingly fast-paced environment of the modern world, we appreciate the need to be able to access real-time reports at the touch of a button, which is why we’ve developed our portal to meet those criteria.

Not only that, but we can ensure that the way you monitor mobile payment data is wholly customisable, which guarantees each client an entirely bespoke service in line with your specific requirements. So, if you’d like to know more about our market-leading online payment and security in web technology, read on! Alternatively, if you would like to speak to one of our expert, friendly team, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

What is PFS’ cardholder portal and how does it work?

Our portal is a simple, easy-to-use way for your business to keep track of the transactional information on your prepaid cards. The mobile payment data is updated in real time, which means you will be kept fully in the picture with no room for ambiguity or uncertainty.

Simply log in to the portal using your secure details and a token-based validation system and you’ll be able to access everything you need to know about your prepaid cards, including how and where they are being used.

As well as being able to log into the system yourself, we have the ability to provide you with regular reports on the mobile payment data – whether they be weekly, monthly, quarterly or less frequently. We are more than happy to offer a service that is tailored perfectly to your needs.

What are the features of the portal?

Here are just some of the benefits of tracking mobile payment data with PFS through our portal:

  • Fully customisable: The profile-based system ensures that users only have access to the items they need, with every action logged and date stamped for audit purposes and a note placed on the account for future reference. Management can view all user activity for security and performance monitoring purposes. New users and profiles can be set up in minutes, catering for the varying requirements of our clients no matter their size or structure. Parameters can be set by an administrator such as card fees, limits and restrictions while the system can also be fully branded providing a complete white label solution for our partners.
  • Real-time updates on loading: As soon as you log in, you will gain a full and clear picture of the mobile payment data. This access to real-time information is particularly beneficial for reconciliation and settlement purposes and PFS ensures a full audit trail of every transaction cardholders carry out on a card.
  • E-wallet functionality: PFS clients and corporate cardholders are provided with an E-wallet which provides simplicity and security to funds management. The administrative portal has detailed E-wallet reporting, which provides full transparency for all transactions.
  • Simple and user friendly: The portal provides complex and detailed information in a simple and usable format, while our UK-based, multilingual call centre representatives can load cards, replace cards, process transaction disputes or process online applications all from an intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Time-efficient:We see automation as a key factor in providing premium payment processing technologies and the administrative portal has a number of features such as batch card creation, batch card loading and bulk SMS/email notifications, which all serve to reduce man hours and costs. Additionally, PFS provides a unique queuing module interface which allows the processing of card applications and product upgrades. A variety of statuses can be applied to an application or card which can subsequently be worked or processed by other team members.
  • Versatile: The portal is able to provide mobile payment data on various aspects of a prepaid card programme, including transactional information, inventory and stock management, cardholder fees as well as billing and MIS needs.
  • Secure: The back-office suite is accessed using a token-based validation system, ensuring an added layer of security. The Fraud and Risk teams are extremely well versed in online payment and security in web technology, and they use this knowledge and experience to monitor activity and transactional velocity, ensuring that any required action is taken quickly.

Why choose PFS for your payment processing technologies?

Our unique payment processing technologies have helped to elevate our business to award-winning status. In 2018, we were listed in the Financial Times Future 100 UK as well as being handed the RSM European Business Awards’ Digital Technology Award. These prizes further highlight our status as premium providers of mobile payment data tracking solutions, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with PFS today and see how our payment processing technologies can help your business.