Tarjeta de débito virtual

La solución de pago en línea segura.

Virtual debit cards: flexible and comfortable.

You can now make purchases online without having to go find your wallet or purse. Our virtual debit card is an electronic product that combines all the advantages of a physical card and greater flexibility and comfort. It is a safe way to acquire goods or services on the internet that also provides total control over the way in which money is spent.

Once the issuance is approved, the applicant receives the virtual debit card, ready for use, directly in their email in just a few minutes. If you are a buyer concerned about security issues, you will be interested to know that this product avoids the risk of disclosure of personal information, credit card or bank account. Request your virtual debit card today and enjoy a secure online shopping experience.

How virtual debit cards work

To start using our virtual debit cards you just have to follow a very fast and simple process. It is not necessary to do any paperwork or pass long checks or solvency checks. The issuance of the card and its sending directly to your email inbox can occur in minutes. This includes a 16-digit card number, expiration date and CVV2 number, as well as access to a secure online account that allows you to load cash into it.

It is called a “virtual” card because it is used for online purchases where a real card is not required. You can use your virtual debit card on any website that accepts Visa or Mastercard: Amazon, eBay and many more. Since it is a prepaid product associated with an online PFS account, there are no overdraft risks or linked loan systems. Therefore, it is not necessary to pass a solvency check in order for its issuance to be approved.

Virtual Cards 1

Advantages of our virtual debit card:

  • Instant availability : No solvency checks or long checks: our quick and easy subscription process will allow you to use your virtual debit card a few minutes after requesting it.
  • Universal acceptance : Our virtual debit cards can be used to make online purchases at all retail stores in the world that accept Visa or Mastercard as a payment method.
  • A secure way to pay : Your virtual card information will be sent directly to your email inbox; Your card cannot be lost or stolen and will not be associated with your credit card or personal bank account.
  • Control your spending : The cards are prepaid products, so your users cannot spend more than the money charged on them.
  • Attractive exchange rates : Our multi-currency solutions allow consumers to make purchases in major currencies without paying expensive exchange fees.

If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact our sales team.