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Our solutions benefit users across a wide range of industries


Learn what you can do with a prepaid card.

Our prepaid card solutions can be used across a wide range of sectors which include payroll, expense management, travel, money share, insurance, gaming, and online shopping amongst others, with reduced exposure to fraud in a safe and secure environment. This provides our customers with peace of mind, convenience and an altogether better value for money proposition.

5 great reasons to choose prepaid:

Benefit 1

No Credit Checks

No credit checks or bank account required. Instant online approval.

Benefit 2

Top up Networks

Our cards have the ability to be loaded at both Payzone stores and Post Offices nationwide.

Benefit 3

Protect your identity when shopping online

Our cards are widely accepted across the internet. We issue cards under both Mastercard and VISA and therefore have the same acceptance as credit and debit cards.

Benefit 4

Manage your money effectively

Prepaid cards do not get you into debt, as you can only spend up to the balance loaded onto your card.

Benefit 5

Send money to friends and family overseas instantly

Prepaid cards are seen as a much cheaper option to international money sharing. Secondary cards can be given to family members abroad and reloaded in the UK for instant use.

Benefits of Prepaid to Consumers

Great foreign exchange (FX) rates

There is no better way to take foreign currency overseas than on a prepaid card. Simply buy the currency you desire before you go, and you will lock in your rate. Buying the currency is as simple as loading your card at one of thousands of load points, or register your everyday bank account or debit card of choice - enabling you to transfer money to your card at any time via a secure website.

Using your card overseas

For example, when you visit the Eurozone, your PFS Euro prepaid card will function exactly like a card from that country, meaning that you will not be subject to currency conversions or commissions on your purchases. You'll be able to use it at restaurants, shops, and ATMs - just like you use your everyday card at home. And no more trying to calculate exchange rates on the go, as you are actually purchasing in the local currency.

Safe and secure

Traveller's cheques are very much a thing of the past. The growth in prepaid cards for travel has exploded, and with good reason. Cards are more widely accepted, you don't present your passport and sign anything to authorise and card's are smaller, easier and fit in your wallet/purse. No hassle, no fuss, just a single card and you're away. Simple.

Not linked to your bank account

Cards are prepaid, meaning they have no credit or loan facility alongside. This means you can only spend what you load. What you load, is what you can access, that's it. In the extremely unlikely event someone did obtain your card AND got access to your security PIN, the maximum amount accessible is the loaded amount (or the daily limit of the card).

Emergency functions

All Prepaid Financial Services cards have a range of simple tools so you can manage your card. SMS functions enable the following actions almost instantly;

  • Text to block card – this temporarily deactivates the card. No transactions will be processed while the card is deactivated.
  • Text to unblock card – the reverse of the above or reactivate the card
  • Text to transfer funds – with a pre-registered debit card or bank account of choice, you are able to action a transfer of funds to 'top up' your prepaid card
  • Text for balance – send and SMS to reveal your card balance

Benefits of Prepaid to Businesses

Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) offer corporate entities prepaid solutions in areas such as payroll and employee expenses. With innovative benefits for both employee and employer, corporate disbursements via prepaid cards have flourished over the past few years.

The PFS prepaid business cards can be used as a solution to recurring payments - E.g. payroll, incentives and prepaid expense cards. Many companies' workforce could benefit from direct deposit on a prepaid payroll card.

For the employer, it provides the opportunity to cut costs on processing payroll. This is especially true in those industries where significant numbers of cheques are produced and distributed. By providing a prepaid card for payroll, the employer is able to load that card with the employee's wages within minutes, efficiently and cost effectively.

The employees receive the funds on a card rather than having to cash a cheque and it gives them access to shopping on the Internet or through the traditional retail environments. Cardholders do not need to carry cash around.

For the non-banked, this solution removes the inconvenience and cost of exchanging cheques for cash, whilst providing similar benefits to a Debit Card such as access to the online world of payments.

Cash Management

Prepaid Financial Services enable you to deposit the weekly/monthly payroll to a settlement account. Funds are held in a settlement account. The card is significantly easier to manage for all in the value chain. This is especially true in those industries where there is a high employee turnover or employees are transient workers.

Employer Benefits

  • Cost effective way to manage payroll.
  • Easy to implement solution for your existing payroll services.
  • Reduce cheque and cash management and handling costs.
  • Reduce bank fees.
  • Reduce security risks involved with cash and cheque fraud.
  • Greatly reduce lost cheque replacement costs.
  • Payments to employees either instantly or within their own timeframe.
  • Issuing a prepaid card is often cheaper than sending international SWIFT or CHAPS payments.
  • Revenue earner.

Employee Benefits

  • Employees do not need to wait in queues to cash cheques.
  • Replaces the need to cash cheques at high commission rates.
  • Employees will use fewer money orders.
  • Access to Internet purchases.
  • Employees have immediate access to funds on payday.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Employees can get account balance and transaction history via Internet, SMS or telephone IVR.
  • Share Money with secondary cardholders instantly at low cost via SMS.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Benefit from safety features of Chip and PIN cards.
  • Anyone can obtain a card as no bank account or previous credit history is required.
  • Unbanked employees can use prepaid cards to make payments and obtain cash.

Benefits of Prepaid to Government Bodies

PFS offer simple, card-based disbursement solutions to government bodies.

Our fully scalable prepaid platform has been proven in the field as a low-cost alternative to multiple cheque and vouchers runs.

The PFS prepaid card solution caters for benefits payout, travel, teen, expenses, and payroll requirements.

Councils and government bodies can reach beneficiaries with greater efficiency as cards can be issued quickly, without a large paperwork overhead. PFS has strived to reduce time spent processing and disbursing funds and have created custom loading functionality to facilitate distribution of funds.

The prepaid payment card model has considerable benefits for both the body distributing funds and the end-user.

Public Sector Organisations want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline operations & resources
  • Better serve customers
  • Increased control and transparency
  • Improve security

Customers have a desire for:

  • Convenience and easy of use
  • Flexibility and enhanced security
  • Access to payment services if unbanked