Benefits of Prepaid for Government Bodies

Our solutions benefit users across lots of industries.

Benefits of Prepaid to Government Bodies

PFS offer simple, card-based disbursement solutions to government bodies.

Our fully scalable prepaid platform has been proven in the field as a low-cost alternative to multiple cheque and vouchers runs.

The PFS prepaid card solution caters for benefits payout, travel, teen, expenses, and payroll requirements.

Councils and government bodies can reach beneficiaries with greater efficiency as cards can be issued quickly, without a large paperwork overhead. PFS has strived to reduce time spent processing and disbursing funds and have created custom loading functionality to facilitate distribution of funds.

The prepaid payment card model has considerable benefits for both the body distributing funds and the end-user.

Public Sector Organisations want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline operations & resources
  • Better serve customers
  • Increased control and transparency
  • Improve security

Customers have a desire for:

  • Convience and ease of use
  • Flexibility and enhanced security
  • Access to payment services if unbanked