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BIN Sponsorship

We can provide the connection between your organisation and scheme network


Manage your own card programme through our e-money license

As an e-money institution and principal of Mastercard and VISA networks, we can provide BIN sponsorship to organisations that are not financial institutions but still wish to have their own e-wallet accounts and run prepaid card programmes. As with all of our services, we tailor our offering depending on the specific requirements of our clients to make sure their goals are achieved.

We provide:

  • A compliant connection between organisations and Mastercard or VISA
  • Transaction processing and the settlement of cardholders' funds
  • Reconciliation of funds to the programme's account
  • Full regulatory compliance

The benefits include:

  • Non-financial Institutions can manage their own programmes without the need of an e-money license
  • Our platform has been expertly designed to provide clear and detailed reporting on funds settlement
  • As experts in the card issuing field we will guide you to ensure that your programme and card designs meet scheme requirements