Commercial Prepaid Debit Cards

Commercial Prepaid Cards

Commercial Prepaid Cards: Bill Payments, Travel Costs, Expenses & More

For companies large or small, commercial prepaid cards can offer a secure and flexible way to make business expenses and other cost considerations easier to manage. PFS has established itself as a leading provider of bespoke commercial card services and business account solutions – tailored to the unique needs of each individual business.

From day-to-day business expenses to one-off travel costs and employee incentives, discover how our commercial cards can make managing your payments much more convenient.

Gain greater control with corporate and commercial cards

The use of commercial cards is commonplace in the business world, providing companies with business accounts that give the financial flexibility needed to continue operating without interruption. Commercial prepaid cards, however, are intended to give you greater control over what your company is spending. This means efficiencies can be increased and wastage eliminated quickly and easily.

PFS specialise in understanding the intricate payment needs of a business, which is why we are able to implement bespoke and effective solutions. Our commercial prepaid cards provide your representatives and employees with the freedom to make payments – all of which can then be tracked, offering greater insight into how and when your company finances are being used.

Instant access and a pain-free process

If there are numerous employees within your business who make purchases, PFS can create a commercial prepaid card solution with instant access to management and monitoring tools. This allows you to determine the amount of money each individual card holds, as well as which products and services that card can be used for.

The commercial prepaid cards you give to your employees can be linked to one central account. With instant access to card transaction histories, you can better inform your future budgets and ensure company spending is being directed to where it is most beneficial. We can further help in this space with our Programme Management solutions.

The expertise to benefit your business

PFS commercial card services create simple, more effective payment processes for businesses. With more than 100 corporates benefiting from our prepaid financial solutions, we are trusted to deliver – using our extensive knowledge and expertise to help our clients manage finances in a manner that shows a true understanding of their brand.

Our partners include some of the leading fintech and payment providers from around the world. It enables us to issue commercial prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, which means you can use your card(s) online and in-person at locations throughout the world. You might also wish to find out more about our multi-currency solutions if you operate across borders.

In addition, our commitment to technological innovation with our commercial card services has been recognised worldwide – with PFS named 2018 European Digital Technology Award Winner.

Muti-Curency Travel Card

Benefits of PFS commercial prepaid cards

  • Time-saving: More efficient compared to cash/cheque management processes, reducing the time it takes to accurately manage finances
  • Greater cost control: Lower payroll processing costs, especially when dealing with extra expenses; ability to see how and where your company funds are being spent
  • Instant access: Get a complete breakdown of each purchase made with your company’s commercial prepaid card(s) instantly
  • Financially inclusive: For temporary employees or those without bank accounts, prepaid cards can be used to pay wages without the need for a linked account
  • Global acceptance: Our commercial credit cards can be used in locations the world over wherever the scheme (Visa or Mastercard) logo is displayed
  • Secure online accounts: Available 24/7, our online account management service can be accessed securely in any location and at any time