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Employee Spend Management

Employee Spend Management

For a business to be successful, it is important to have effective financial management processes in place. All too often, however, it is too easy to lose control over what your company is spending and when – especially when employees have purchasing power without effective monitoring in place. But that’s where our employee spend management solutions can help.

With our bespoke commercial card services, PFS can help transform the way you keep track with what your employees are spending. From bill payments and payroll processing to travel costs or inventory renewal – PFS can create and implement a commercial prepaid card solution unique to your needs. And, in doing so, we can give you greater control over your commercial outgoings.

Clarity and control over employee spend

SMEs, large corporations and even public sector organisations can benefit from employee spend management solutions. Using conventional methods such as cash or cheques not only take up a significant amount of company time, but the potential for overspending is all too real. A little bit here, then another small bit there – these overspends can soon start to accumulate.

PFS has extensive experience in the design, creation and implementation of commercial prepaid card schemes. Easy to use and convenient, funds can be made available to any employee with a need or reason to make a commercial card payment. And, with clear reporting capabilities, your business can know exactly how much has been allocated to whom and what it is used for.

Maximising your business’ time and money

Using commercial prepaid cards as an employee spend management solution can deliver major benefits for both employees and employers alike.

Muti-Currency Travel Card

For the employee; providing them with a commercial card gives them the freedom to spend the amount needed – whether it is for an event, travelling to meet clients or purchasing equipment. It also means employees won’t have to use their own funds and then seek reimbursement.

For the employer; the amount available on a commercial prepaid card is completely controlled – the holder can’t spend more than what’s on it and only the business itself can top it up. There is also the significant benefit of the streamlined reporting capability and reconciliation of finances.

Forward-thinking commercial card solutions

As one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in Europe, PFS has built its reputation on delivering market-leading employment spend management services. We are the commercial prepaid card and technology specialist that has a unique understanding of your brand’s specific needs – and this enables us to tailor all our bespoke solutions accordingly.

Named 2018 European Digital Technology Award Winner , our belief in technological innovations to enhance your business is why we now provide solutions to more than 100 corporates around Europe. Our partners include Visa and Mastercard to ensure our commercial prepaid cards come with global acceptance – ideal for companies large and small looking to broaden their horizons.

Employee spend: The benefits of prepaid

  • Employee empowerment: Give your staff/representatives the freedom to make business purchases without using their own funds and claiming them back
  • Save time and money: Streamlined reporting, more convenient reconciliation processes and robust monitoring to increase your company’s efficiencies
  • Worldwide acceptance: Thanks to our partners Visa and Mastercard, you can use one of our commercial prepaid cards in over 200 countries worldwide
  • Safe and secure online account: With 24/7 access to your online account, your employee spend management has never been so convenient and simple
  • Complete financial control: Load and reload commercial cards for your employees to use, setting the maximum amount that can be spent
  • Mobile Payments: The enablement of our Employee spend cards to function alongside our multiple mobile payment partners has provided additional benefits to the PFS card. The convenience of paying for items, without the need for carrying their physical wallet and card provides a seamless and speedy user experience. We partner with the following mobile device pay providers: Fitbit™, Garmin™, Samsung Pay™ and Google Pay™.
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