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Online Corporate Account Information

Online Business Account Information

No business should be spending time and money where it can be avoided. It can act as a barrier to growth and create unhelpful pressure points. For start-ups and established SMEs alike, online business accounts from PFS are designed to fulfil your potential – helping you make the most of what resources you have.

It is our tailor-made, off-the-shelf solution that meets all your needs.

With the online business account information on this page, PFS provides everything you need to make an informed decision. Find out how this premium service could benefit your business, with answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

Our business account is here to oversee multiple business processes – so let us help you get everything you need from it.

How an Online Business Account can work for you

For the most comprehensive range of payment services, an Online Business Account from PFS is the smart solution. Our focus on world-class technological innovation ensures we can supply you with a safe and secure product to make payments.

With your Online Business Account, you’re in full control of your expenditure. Cut wastage, lower costs and drive efficiencies, while empowering your employees at the same time. These accounts also ensure your business never spends more than you choose for it to afford.

Features of our Prepaid Business Account

A prepaid current account from PFS provides numerous features and benefits to your company:

 PFS Multi-Currency Contactless Payment
  • Commercial cards: With a prepaid business account, you can issue commercial prepaid cards to your employees. Only you decide how much money each card is pre-loaded with and even put restrictions on how that card can be used.
  • Real-time monitoring: From your business account dashboard, it is possible to monitor how your funds are being used across different expense categories. It also helps you to explore the areas in which can be increased/decreased.
  • Multi-currency capabilities: PFS cards can hold up to 15 currencies to provide a rapid and reliable cross-border solution. Business account holders also get access to the best foreign exchange rates to reduce costly overseas fees or charges.
  • Global acceptance: Our prepaid cards – powered by Mastercard – are accepted in 200+ locations worldwide to provide your business with truly international coverage.
  • Online and mobile payments: PFS has developed solutions around the latest payment technologies to complement our online business accounts, with partners including Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and Samsung Pay to meet ever-changing business needs.
  • Safety and security assured: Our belief in technological innovation comes with a total commitment to safety. Available 24/7, monitor your business account information any time, anywhere – protected by robust security measures.
  • Custom APIs: PFS online business accounts can integrate with a full range of payment programme and accounting applications to ensure seamless set-up and compatibility.

Why choose PFS for your online business account?

To find out more about our expertise as the provider of an online business account that works for you, our numbers speak for themselves:

  • £10.7bn total card loading volume
  • 7.4 million cards issued to date
  • 24 trading currencies available
  • 150+ White Label programmes
  • 1,900+ corporate clients

Our commitment to creating prepaid payment solutions is driving our ever-expanding client base – transforming how businesses keep control of their finances for the better. Apply for an account today.

Our success can also be seen in the recognition we’ve received. We were named ‘National Winner’ at the European Business Awards 2019 and listed in the inaugural Financial Times Future 100 UK.


  • What if I don’t want an online business account?

    No business is obliged to sign up to an online business account from PFS. But if you compare the benefits to the alternatives, it soon becomes clear why our solutions could help your business:

    • Petty cash: For smaller costs and purchases, petty cash is a well-established payment method. But it can easily be misused if not managed properly and won’t cover a bigger bill or payment.
    • Credit/debit cards: A flexible and convenient way to pay for items, but it’s possible an financial institution may restrict how many cards you can have. If a card has a credit facility attached, there is a greater risk of an employee spending more than you can afford.
    • Reimbursement: You can ask employees to make company payments out of their own funds and then claim that amount back in their next payslip. But not all your employees will have that flexibility and time spent filling in expense forms can be better used.
  • Is an online business account right for me?

    PFS creates tailor-made solutions for businesses large and small. Online business accounts can help smaller businesses and start-ups who could benefit more from putting their limited money and time to better use.

    A strong credit score isn’t a pre-requisite either.

    For larger businesses, online business accounts can be scaled up to match your needs. You can issue as many prepaid commercial cards as you require, all of which can be managed from one central and easy-to-use dashboard.

  • What can I use my online business account for?

    Your online business account can be used for almost any business cost or expense, such as:

    • Food and drink expenses
    • Travel costs
    • Payroll processing
    • Direct debits and faster payments
    • International Transfers
  • Will a prepaid business account work with my existing software?

    Our custom API integration means a prepaid business account can be set up and used in tandem with all major software and applications. The aim of a prepaid business account is to save money and time – and working with your existing processes is just one way to achieve that.

  • Will my personal or business credit score affect my application?

    No. You’ll be asked to provide some details about your business on application, but your credit score and history is not one of the factors in our decision. It means our business account is available to businesses who can benefit most – like those starting out with no credit history.

    In addition, a business account isn’t a credit product. As funds are pre-loaded from your finances, you will owe nothing, and no repayments are due. This means there is no risk to your credit score – although a prepaid account cannot be used to help build your credit history.

  • How much will it cost to set up an online business account?

    Each online business account is designed to work for each individual business, so we will not be able to tell you in advance how much it will cost. While there are costs for the use of your cards and account management dashboard, these will be explained upfront to avoid any confusion.

  • How do I apply for an online business account from PFS?

    You can apply for your online business account using our online form.

    For any queries you might have, please get in touch with our sales team.