Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment is now readily available to PFS users and clients with many mobile wallet providers. It is convenient, and everything can be done literally with the power of the user’s hands.

By paying with their mobiles, our clients/customers need less cash to pick out of their pockets, payment becomes paperless, and organisations gain the ability to collect the customer information they require, which ultimately help in improving their service offering.

How do Mobile Payments work with PFS?

Payment is processed using the mobile phone instead of carrying cash or cards and the necessity of having to sign multiple receipts. The user’s account will be debited, and in turn, payment will be transferred to the merchant's dedicated bank account.

What can PFS offer to our customers?

PFS can offer its customers an innovative mobile banking experience that eliminates the need to carry cards or a wallet.

Like other well known PFS solutions and products, the additional security and financial manageability provided by mobile money can offer the incentive for our clients and customers to use mobile payments instead of cash – if not for the ease of use, users prefer if for security and being able to manage personal finances.

Mobile Payment

What can PFS offer to our clients?

Likewise, entrepreneurs and retailers will also benefit from Mobile Payments by being given the opportunity for growing their business and becoming more open to a new network of customers. Ultimately, Mobile Payment with PFS empowers our clients by attracting new customers for the service’s ease of use and convenience.

PFS has partnered with the below Mobile Payment providers to continue offering the most up to date payment services.

Garmin Pay
Samsung Pay
Google Pay
Fitbit Pay

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