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Mobile Payments

Designed to make your transactions as simple and hassle-free as possible, our mobile payment solutions can also fall in line with any specific requirements you may have. Revolutionise your payment system with PFS.

What are mobile payments and how do they work with PFS?

As the name suggests, mobile payments are carried out using a phone or wearable smart device rather than cash or card. The user’s account is debited by the designated amount and that fee is then sent to the merchant’s account.

In this fast-paced, modern era, saving time can often equate to saving money and that is where our mobile payment solutions come in. So much of our spending is done on the move and using mobile payment apps makes such transactions all the more convenient.

By using our mobile payment systems rather than the alternatives, our clients and customers avoid the need to carry large amounts of cash or cards, while it affords businesses the opportunity to gather greater customer information, thus helping them improve their services.

What can PFS' mobile payments offer to our customers?

Our mobile payment apps mean our customers have no need to keep cards, a wallet or purse on them as instead they reap the benefits of our innovative mobile banking system.

As well as being simple and convenient to use, mobile payments offer an added sense of security as they remove any concerns over carrying large amounts of cash or becoming the victim of theft or fraud. At the same time, it enables users to manage their personal finances in a hands-on, hassle-free way.

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What can PFS' mobile payments offer to our clients?

For businesses and retailers, our mobile payment solutions can prove hugely advantageous. They enable you to tap into a wider network of potential customers, collecting a greater amount of data, which in turn means you can enhance your existing services as well as attract new business.

Furthermore, consumers are likely to return to retailers where they know using mobile payments is a viable option, as it offers a simple, secure and convenient method of payment, ideal for on the move and for ensuring the protection of each transaction.

Which technologies are supported with PFS’ mobile payment systems?

In the ever-changing world of payment technology solutions, we endeavour to stay ahead of the competition in ensuring our mobile payment solutions are built around cutting edge technologies, including:

  • Wallets supporting NFC and QR code
  • Contactless stickers for smartphones
  • Host Card Emulation (HCE)
  • Tokenisation
  • Wearables, for example wristbands or key fobs

And, in order to ensure we provide the most up-to-date mobile payment solutions, we have partnered with the following mobile payment providers:

  • Garmin Pay: You can tap your PFS card via your smartwatch, meaning that even if you have left your wallet or phone at home, you will never be caught out when you need to make a purchase.
  • Samsung Pay: With the appropriate Samsung device, uploading your PFS card could not be more straightforward, giving you access to a simple and secure method of mobile payment.
  • Google Pay: PFS has teamed up with Google Pay to offer you mobile payment solutions in millions of locations – whether they be in stores, in apps or on websites.
  • Fitbit Pay: Simply add your PFS card to the Fitbit wallet and you are set to pay from your wrist while on the move and your details will not be shared with Fitbit or retailers, so your finances will remain secure.

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Why choose Prepaid Financial Services?

PFS has established itself among the quickest-growing financial service providers across Europe, thanks to our track record of offering revolutionary prepaid card solutions to meet the varying needs of our ever-expanding customer and client base.

And our success is backed up by our accolades. In 2018, we were listed in the inaugural Financial Times Future 100 UK as one of the “fast growing UK companies that are also making an impact on their industry, or wider society.” In the same year, we were also named Digital Technology Award winner across 34 countries at the RSM European Business Awards.

At PFS, our corporate clients number more than 1,700 while our 150+ white label programmes mean we are perfectly positioned to offer you expert advice when it comes to online financial services.

If you require Mobile Payment Solutions for your business, please get in touch.