Our Partners


Mastercard Logo

Prepaid Financial Services Ltd., has enjoyed a successful business partnership with Mastercard for 10+ years. The substantial growth achieved by PFS over the past 10+ years has secured PFS as one of Mastercard’s fastest growing issuers and their top public sector issuer in Europe.

Visa Logo

Prepaid Financial Services Ltd, is a Principal Member of Visa since 2012. Principal Membership of the Visa scheme allows PFS to issue cards. In addition, this membership permits PFS to acquire merchants directly, meaning PFS can process transactions and provide processing services to their clients.

Ecomm Logo

eCOMM Merchant Solutions provides a one-stop-shop for merchant acquiring and payment gateway provision. They have supported PFS in scaling right across Europe and continue to contribute to their competitiveness by delivering consistently high service levels, all at very competitive rates.

Gemalto Logo

Together with Gemalto, PFS has supplied millions of branded cards in recent years. As each PFS Client has bespoke design requirements for their white label solution, Gemalto, as an approved Visa and Mastercard manufacturer, was the perfect company for PFS to partner with due to their years of experience in delivering trusted payment products.

Nitecrest Logo

Partnering with TagNitecrest has assisted PFS in strengthening their product portfolio packaging in recent years. With over 30 PFS prepaid products to choose from, the relationship with TagNitecrest ensures that all PFS clients receive quality, customised solutions which are tailored to their specific requirements.