Business Prepaid Cards

A perfect solution for tracking corporate spending.

Business Prepaid Accounts & Cards: Manage Payroll, Expenses & Travel

From SMEs to large corporations, companies want to eliminate cumbersome payment processes and overheads while increasing convenience, flexibility, profitability, and security. Prepaid cards provide the perfect solution for companies of all sizes by providing streamlined solution for business expenses, payroll, travel and employee incentives. PFS specialises in creating bespoke prepaid solutions that are designed to meet a company's every payment need. Our solutions are already trusted with over 100 corporates throughout Europe.

Company Account Control

We believe that all companies should thrive. Like all our services, prepaid business accounts and cards enable agencies to manage and monitor all payments wherever they are made and ensure that more money goes into profiting the company, its employees, and its clients. With reloadable prepaid corporate cards, business representatives have the freedom to purchase essentials while directors have the reassurance of knowing where company money is being spent.

Maximised Business Benefits

Our prepaid business accounts offer instant access to transaction information and history wherever a company or its representatives/employees are based, an advantage that maximises control over finances and budgets. Our business prepaid cards can be issued to all employees from the same account, meaning that it is straightforward and easy for employers to manage expenses and guarantee that all spending is beneficial to the company, as well. To learn more about how we help companies focus on their core business objectives by availing of our accounts, peruse our Programme Management solution.

Business Cards

Instant Accessibility Anywhere

Our service transforms the typically complicated process of organising and assessing business spending into a simple, straightforward process, which can be completed at any time. Our business prepaid cards are accepted throughout the world where the Mastercard symbol is displayed, helping companies to expand their brand as widely as possible by making sure that employees can dedicate more time to achieving incentives rather than tracking expenses. Businesses throughout Europe are already benefitting from our prepaid business accounts on a huge scale, with each of our clients managing finances in a way that is tailored to their specific brand.

As technology specialists, we offer exceptional account and card services, and our expertise is recognised on a global scale. We have recently been named the European Digital Technology Award Winner of 2018, which demonstrates our ability to transform how companies perform through our prepaid business accounts and cards.

Benefits of our prepaid solutions for business:

  • Cost effective - employers reduce payroll processing costs
  • Saves time - easy to implement solutions for businesses of any size; proven to increase internal efficiency when compared to traditional cash and cheque management processes
  • Provides a solution for temporary workers or non-banked - employees can receive funds to their employer issued card without the need for a separate current account
  • Global acceptance offline and online - our cards can be used wherever the scheme logo is accepted (Mastercard or VISA)
  • Come with secure online accounts - accessible 24/7

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Featured Case study:

Payroll Prepaid Solution - Blueline Taxis

In 2011, Blueline Taxis, one of the largest mini-cab firms in the North East of England, selected PFS to deliver a prepaid payroll solution that streamlined how wages were paid to its drivers. The resulting new system immediately reduced the administration time of running and fulfilling payroll duties and provided greater control and oversight of the entire payroll function.

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