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Weather Warning.

Please be advised that the Irish Government has now issued a Status Red snow and ice alert and has recommended that businesses close to ensure people can get home safely. This alert is staying in place until the weekend. We have therefore taken the decision to close our Irish office, including the Call Center and will not be reoponing it until 8am Monday, 5th March.


Electronic stored value that enables easy and convenient loading mechanisms


Generate additional revenue streams with e-vouchers

PFS issues vouchers that are electronically stored values and can be pre-printed or generated real-time from merchant terminals or websites. The voucher can then be redeemed by the user via a number of channels online, via SMS as well as through merchant interfaces. Once redeemed, the value of the voucher is transferred to the users’ prepaid card or e-wallet account with that merchant and funds are instantly available for use.

E Vouchers

Our e-vouchers can be used for:

  • Loading prepaid cards
  • Transferring money to an e-wallet
  • Loading accounts online
  • Loading any other account type that is integrated with the PFS payments platform

The benefits include:

  • Available in multiple currencies
  • Available in various denominations depending on merchant requirements
  • Can be fixed value or percentage based voucher
  • Expiry date of the voucher can be defined
  • Vouchers can be used exclusively or transferable for gifting purpose
  • Providers can generate, distribute, redeem and track e-vouchers using a single platform
  • Provides an additional revenue stream for merchants and service providers