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Open loop, closed loop, and virtual card solutions.

Gift incentive cards: reward, attract & retain employees or customers

Prepaid gift and incentive solutions offer a smart way to streamline and enhance reward and promotional programmes. Whether it’s for businesses looking to reward employees, or for retail brands to attract new or retain existing customers, PFS offers open loop, closed loop, and virtual card solutions with various branding and personalisation options.

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Benefits of our gift and incentive solutions:

  • Promotes financial inclusion: available to a wider proportion of the public, as not dependent on credit checking
  • Great foreign exchange (FX) rates: when paired up with our multi-currency solutions
  • Not linked to a bank account: cards are prepaid meaning they have no credit or loan facility alongside. Customers can only spend what they load.
  • Global acceptance: our cards can be used wherever the scheme logo is accepted (Mastercard or VISA)
  • Come with secure online accounts: accessible 24/7

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Featured Case study:

Prepaid Incentive Cards for Crédit Agricole in France

In collaboration with Crédit Agricole, France's largest bank, PFS developed a Crédit Agricole branded prepaid gift card programme for students in France. The card was a single load instant issue Mastercard, in denominations of €50 or €100 and offered by Crédit Agricole as an incentive to students who pay their student loan into a newly opened Crédit Agricole account.

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