Prepaid Multi-Currency Cards

Save a lot of money on exchange rates.

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Multi-currency card : up to 15 currencies on one card

Our multi-currency card solution is one card which has multiple currency wallets linked to it. A cardholder can hold a number of currencies in different wallets and when a transaction takes place, the currency of the transaction will be debited from the matching currency wallet rather than reverting to a traditional one base currency card. The FX rates at which these transactions take place can be set by the entity offering the product to generate additional revenue streams.

Our solutions offer the ability to have up to 15 currencies on one card.

Multi Use Currency Cards

Our prepaid currency cards offer account holders the ability to monitor the spending of all users, making it ideal for families, businesses and other groups. Our cards enable access to funds throughout the world, and so are ideal for all account users wanting to make transactions in a range of places and currencies. Our prepaid currency cards are also safe, providing maximum protection for all card users.

Swift and Reliable Services

Our recent success as the winners of the 2018 European Business Awards marks our commitment to ensuring that our products and services are built using technology that can be used reliably anywhere, which is essential when performing transactions in multiple currencies. As access is available at any moment with our multi-currency cards, we always make sure that our customers can spend money safely whenever they need to, wherever they are in the world.

PFS Multi-Currency

Business Currency Cards

Our customers can exchange large volumes of money thanks to a high card loading volume, and as a result, we provide exceptional and globally-praised services to international businesses and organisations. We offer currency card, account and corporate products to a range of agencies within the Eurozone and are recognised as one of the leading financial services in Europe.

Foreign Currency Cards

Our multi-currency option is also hugely beneficial to people looking for a prepaid foreign currency card that is easy to use and control anywhere in the world. We understand the technology required to operate optimum currency cards thoroughly, which is why we can manage the entire installation process of any product from start to finish, while customers focus on enjoying their time abroad. In addition, our team of experts are available to contact from anywhere once a prepaid foreign currency card has been set up.

With excellent account switching services, various currencies can be transferred easily and quickly.

Muti-Currency Travel Card

Benefits of our multi-currency solutions:

  • Access to the best foreign exchange (FX) rates - and ability to buy currency direct from live markets
  • Helps with budgeting - our cards are prepaid meaning they have no credit or loan facility alongside. Consumers can only spend what they load.
  • Fraud protection - prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account and are PIN-protected.
  • Global acceptance - our cards can be used wherever the scheme logo is accepted (Mastercard or VISA)
  • Can come with secure online accounts and mobile apps - for access to the account 24/7
  • Ideal solution for businesses - perfect for managing employee travel expenses

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Featured case study:

Multi-currency Prepaid Card Solution - Centtrip

Launched in 2014, The Centtrip Corporate Prepaid Mastercard is one of the world’s first multi-currency travel cards offering 14 currencies on one card giving customers access to buy currency direct from the live markets, spread and commission free. Managed 24/7 online and via a smartphone app, Centtrip offers businesses a smarter way to manage international business travel expenditure.

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