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Prepaid Financial Services works with a wide range of industries


Reduce distribution costs and simplify payments to individuals

PFS offers an electronic disbursement solution that provides an effective and auditable alternative to cheques and cash for government bodies and public sector organisations including local authorities, councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Operating on our secure, flexible platform, it enables public sector departments to electronically disburse public funds via our backend systems on to prepaid cards.

PFS already works with over 100 government, local authorities and CCGs throughout Europe. Specific areas that we already support include; adult and children direct payments, asylum seekers, appointee and deputee clients, welfare payments, community care payments, and disaster relief.

Our card-based direct payment solutions assist governments and public sector organisations to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline operations & resources
  • Better serve customers, enabling budget management
  • Increase control and transparency
  • Improve security
  • Enable financial inclusion for all recipients

Additional account features:

Our direct payment solutions are card based, meaning that we issue end-users with a Mastercard prepaid card that can either be PFS branded or white labelled.

In addition, our accounts come with individual sort codes and account numbers allowing them to be used in the same way as a regular current account. Functionality of our account includes:

  • Public funds payments direct to account
  • Payment of bills online and transfer funds
  • Setup recurring payments such as Direct Debits and bill payments
  • Budgeting tools
  • Online cardholder accounts
  • Mobile apps
  • Accounts Payment Switching Service

Prepaid allows for innovation that legacy systems can't facilitate

Much more than just a sub-prime service, prepaid is providing the backbone of more and more payments innovations. Financial Institutions and banks are increasingly partnering with e-money issuers like PFS to assist them in bringing innovative payment products to market quickly. They leverage our existing e-money issuing platforms which have highly configurable features such as the creation of e-wallets and prepaid card accounts with real-time funds loading and transaction monitoring, to compliment existing offerings and create new innovative product lines. As such, prepaid lends itself perfectly to mobile payments, virtual cards and co-branded products.

Solutions that we offer:

  • White label prepaid cards
  • Virtual cards
  • Contactless prepaid cards
  • NFC mobile stickers
  • Wearables such as wristbands and key fobs
  • Mobile payments (SIM based, HCE, Tokenisation)
  • API solutions for integration with existing systems
  • Corporate solutions - ideal for expense, payroll and travel
  • Multi-currency solutions, up to 15 currencies on 1 card

The benefits include:

  • Non-financial Institutions can manage their own programmes without the need of an e-money license
  • Our platform has been expertly designed to provide clear and detailed reporting on funds settlement
  • We are experts in the card issuing field, therefore can ensure that your programme and card designs meet scheme requirements

Expertly designed multi-use currency solutions for the travel industry

Prepaid travel cards enable low cost entry into a high value market, while driving a significant revenue stream. PFS has partnerships with several Foreign Exchange providers, allowing our clients and cardholders to load our currency cards at extremely competitive rates. With our multi-currency solutions, we enable our clients to allow customers to have their own e-wallet and move values of different currencies from the wallet to a merchant wallet to pay for goods and services.

Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Own branded or white labelled Mastercard cards
  • Individual currencies or multi-currency
  • Online accounts and smartphone apps for customers
  • Backend system offering comprehensive reporting and information management

The benefits:

  • Safer than cash, easier than travellers cheques
  • Instant approval, subject to the proper ID
  • No application fee, no interest charges and no fees for transactions in the same currency
  • Shop or withdraw cash wherever you see the Mastercard symbol
  • Free emergency second card

Save money and gain visibility over spending with corporate cards

With benefits for both employee and employer, corporate disbursements via prepaid cards have flourished in recent years. PFS offers corporate entities payment solutions in areas such as payroll and employee expenses.


Payroll cards are increasingly being used as an alternative to cash or cheques. The system works by issuing employees with a payroll card linked to an account into which the employer deposits the employee salary.

Payments can be made to employees in real-time, with audit trails available on spending. Employees then use the prepaid card as they would a standard bank debit or credit card.


Prepaid cards enable employers to closely monitor business expense payments through a real-time online interface.

The business owner can monitor all cardholder purchases, eliminating the possibility of fraud as well as significantly reducing the amount of time spent by accounts staff checking the accuracy of expense claims.

Fuel cards

Prepaid fuel cards can be used at forecourts, for fuel and associated travel expenses, without the need to enrol in costly and cumbersome private label fuel card programs.

Spend on our cards can be restricted to fuel only because our programmes can block or unblock merchant spend on a card to card basis. The employer can also load the cards in real-time, on a scheduled or ad hoc basis, allowing better control of costs.

Fully branded, versatile payment solutions for MNOs and MVNOs

PFS designs and runs white label payment programmes for Mobile Network Operators, enabling these essential everyday service providers of today to become the mobile banks of tomorrow. Based on our prepaid card solutions, our options for MNO's are extremely versatile, with physical and virtual cards, contactless stickers and handset based mobile payment functionality all being an option.

Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Own branded or white labelled Mastercard cards
  • Individual currencies or multi-currency options
  • Available in a variety of form factors including physical cards, virtual cards contactless stickers and wearables
  • Backend system which offer comprehensive reporting and information management
  • Online cardholder management portals
  • Android and iOS smartphone apps with budgeting and alter facilities
  • Mobile payment technologies supported (SIM based, HCE and tokenisation options)
  • Current account functionality can be linked to accounts

The benefits:

  • Reinforces brand affinity
  • Creates loyalty when provided to an existing customer base
  • Increases customer acquisition when added to an existing customer offering
  • Attracts customers that want a banking product which better reflects their identity
  • Opens up modern payment facilities to those that may not have access to traditional bank accounts