Payment Services

Prepaid Financial Services works with a wide range of industries.


Reduce distribution costs and simplify payments to individuals

PFS offers an electronic disbursement solution that provides an effective and auditable alternative to cheques and cash for government bodies and public sector organisations including local authorities, councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Operating on our secure, flexible platform, it enables public sector departments to electronically disburse public funds via our backend systems on to prepaid cards.

PFS already works with over 100 government, local authorities and CCGs throughout Europe. Specific areas that we already support include; adult and children direct payments, asylum seekers, appointee and deputy clients, welfare payments, community care payments, and disaster relief.

Our card-based direct payment solutions assist governments and public sector organisations to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline operations & resources
  • Better serve customers, enabling budget management
  • Increase control and transparency
  • Improve security
  • Enable financial inclusion for all recipients

Additional account features:

Our direct payment solutions are card based, meaning that we issue end-users with a Mastercard prepaid card that can either be PFS branded or white labelled.

In addition, our accounts come with individual sort codes and account numbers allowing them to be used in the same way as a regular current account. Functionality of our account includes:

  • Public funds payments direct to account
  • Payment of bills online and transfer funds
  • Setup recurring payments such as Direct Debits and bill payments
  • Budgeting tools
  • Online cardholder accounts
  • Mobile apps
  • Accounts Payment Switching Service