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Please be advised that the Irish Government has now issued a Status Red snow and ice alert and has recommended that businesses close to ensure people can get home safely. This alert is staying in place until the weekend. We have therefore taken the decision to close our Irish office, including the Call Center and will not be reoponing it until 8am Monday, 5th March.


The cornerstone of our success

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Our bespoke prepaid card platform has evolved over the course of several years to become a market leader in prepaid technology.

The middleware we have developed is a collection of core integrated technology modules. The platform provides prepaid card services from front-end to back office, with integrations to multiple issuing processors, acquirers, cash top-up networks and service providers.

The platform consists of the following core components:

Global Bank Transfers for Cardholders

PFS has global bank loading partners to allow cardholders to load their cards from bank accounts in 38 countries worldwide.

Premium SMS

PFS has SMS shortcodes in different regions allowing online card applications to be paid for by reverse premium SMS.

Bank Transfer

Cash Loading:

  • Integration with 31,500+ cash loading locations in the UK (Payzone, Post Office)
  • Integrated with 40,000+ cash loading locations in France
  • Integrated with 1,800+ cash loading locations in Ireland (PostPoint)
  • Integrated with 2,500+ cash loading locations in Slovenia
  • Integrated with 22,000+ cash loading locations in Spain

Debit and Credit Card Processing

PFS is integrated to several payment acquirers and payment gateways with acquiring accounts in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD and ZAR, ensuring the most competitive rates for our clients which can subsequently be passed on to cardholders.

Bulk Payment Solutions

PFS provide a secure bulk payment solution which allows the processing of multiple payments to multiple cards, in minutes, which is ideally suited for payroll purposes. The flexible nature of our software platform means it can easily integrate into existing payroll software platforms.

Good Funds E-Wallet Technology

PFS provide a good funds model to our clients, allowing the client to load and unload their cards instantly via batch, API, or through a back office terminal. Detailed real-time reporting is provided to ensure a full audit trail of all transactions.


Cardholder Portal

PFS provide an online cardholder portal hat is fully customisable. This can be fully branded and integrated into the client website providing a seamless user experience for the cardholder. The functions available to the cardholder include:

  • Card status and balance information
  • Transaction history and statement printing
  • Card loading via bank transfer or online debit card payment
  • Updating of contact details
  • Transfer of funds to another card
  • Transfer of funds to a bank account
  • Cashback and rewards
  • Bill payments


PFS provide a multilingual IVR system, which cardholders can use to retrieve their PIN, check their balance or block their card if lost or compromised. Local numbers can be provided globally and additional languages added based on client requirements.

FX System

PFS has partnered with several Currency Exchange providers, allowing our clients and cardholders to load our currency cards at extremely competitive rates. FX providers have the capability to feed us real-time rates, as many times a day as they wish, ensuring no exposure to market volatility.

Multiple Currencies

PFS currently issue cards in the following currencies: Sterling, Euro, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, Polish Zlotty, Swedish Kroner, Romanian Ron and Botswana Pula.


Back Office Reporting

The Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) Card Programme Administration Portal provides customer service representatives and programme administrators with a comprehensive suite of functions and reports. Customer Service Representatives can easily navigate through the information required to service any cardholder query or request.

The platform boasts real-time reporting capability, detailing all aspects of a prepaid card programme including:

  • Real-time updates on loading
  • E-wallet functionality
  • Transactional data
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Cardholder fees
  • SMS activity
  • Billing and MIS needs

The access to real-time data is particularly beneficial for reconciliation and settlement purposes. PFS ensures a full audit trail of every transaction cardholders carry out on a card.

PFS clients and corporate cardholders are provided with an E-wallet which provides simplicity and security to funds management. The administrative portal has detailed E-wallet reporting providing full transparency for all transactions.

Our UK based multilingual call centre representatives can load cards, replace cards, process transaction disputes or process online applications all from an intuitive user-friendly interface.

The Fraud and Risk teams monitor activity and transactional velocity and ensure that any required action is taken quickly.

The back office suite is accessed using a token based validation system ensuring an added layer of security.

The profile based system ensures that users only have access to the items they need, with every action taken logged and date stamped for audit purposes and a note placed on the account for future reference. Management can view all user activity for security and performance monitoring purposes.

Automation is key to a product of this type and the administrative portal has a number of features such as batch card creation, batch card loading and bulk SMS/email notifications which all serve to reduce man hours and costs.

PFS provide a unique queuing module interface which allows the processing of card applications and product upgrades. A variety of statuses can be applied to an application or card which can subsequently be worked or processed by other team members.

The Card Programme Administration portal provides complex and detailed information in a simple and usable format.

New users and profiles can be set up in minutes catering for the varying requirements of our clients. Full audit trails are retained for compliance and security needs. Parameters can be set by an administrator such as card fees, limits and restrictions. The system can be fully branded providing a complete white label solution for our partners.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are changing the way we pay and its never been faster or easier.

You are no longer limited to swiping your card, paying with cash, or even carrying your wallet. Your contactless enabled product could be a card, phone, watch, key fob or an adhesive tag - whichever is the most convenient for you. It's as simple as touching your contactless enabled product on the PayPass™ or payWave terminal to pay for your goods at the checkout.

Contactless technology works through a small NFC antenna that is embedded into the contactless product. When you touch your product against the PayPass or payWave terminal, the antenna communicates to your bank or financial institution via the Mastercard or VISA network to approve your transaction and deduct the funds from your available balance. It really is that simple.

As part of our ongoing strategy to offer the most up to date technology, PFS has been working with industry leaders to bring our own contactless solutions to customers. PFS also offer a Mastercard PayPass enabled adhesive tag. One of the many benefits of owning one of our adhesive tags is that you can choose the device you attach it to. You are not limited to the most up to date mobile phone or carrying something else in your pocket, as the technology is within the tag itself so it can be attached to, any mobile phone, your MP3 player or even your gym card.

Contactless Payments